Tee Skirts by Cross Mills Creations

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Eco-Conscious Fashion at its best.  99% Recycled. 100% Cool.

Did you know that according to the EPA 12 million tons of textiles are trashed in the US each year?

Tee Skirts  by Cross Mills Creations is helping to do something about it!  By upcycling and recycling your tee shirts it prevents them from ending up in the landfills, curbing textile waste.

Choose from one available or custom orders are always welcome!

 did you know

  • Textile manufacturing industry is responsible for approximately 10% of the global carbon footprint
  • Over 700 gallons of water (enough to fill 22 bathtubs) are used to manufacture one cotton tee shirt
  • 1/3 of pesticides and herbicides are used to grow the cotton used in just one tee shirt
  • According to the World Bank, 17-20% of industrial water pollution is due to textile dyeing and treatment
  • Landfilled textiles require years to decompose, and during the process will release the harmful greenhouse gas, methane
  • If all 300 million Americans reused just one tee shirt, we’d save 210 billion gallons of water and 1 million pounds of CO2