Welcome to Tee Skirts by Crossmillscreations! All of my designs are handcrafted, upcycled, products.   I hunt for treasures and dismantle materials to reconstruct into high quality up-cycled products. I carefully make all my own merchandise-Just me and my sewing machine! Crossmillscreations cares about the environment by designing and manufacturing quality products out of recycled clothing and items.

My items are all unique using what is available and what I can find. I take great care in inspecting all materials.

No two items are exactly the same that is what makes my products unique. What was once discarded is now re-purposed into a one of a kind, unique, item.

I do not assign sizes to my items but do provide measurements for each item.  Since the material is stretchy (tee shirt) it fits and is flattering on a variety of different builds.  My Tee Skirts are finished with a serger and all finishes are exposed as I feel this lends to the beauty and uniqueness of the product.  Please note.. If you need a bigger size I can do this for you!

****Please Note- Any Marks, copyrights, or company names on my items are not affiliated with my items, nor do they have any endorsements or sponsorship and/or service to my items.

99% Recycled 100% Cool – Really cool

I have always been a crafter and learned to sew when my first child was born.  The world of textiles was fascinating to me and quilting was my first venture.  I then proceeded into making some of my children’s clothing to making myself very stylish and functional bags, then to making Tee Skirts and other upcycled products!   I currently have my merchandise in several boutiques in the Rhode Island area.  Many of my customers come back for more as I always try to keep my pricing fair.  If you want a well crafted, one of a kind item you’ve come to the right place.

I take pride in the workmanship and details of all my products.  Due to the nature of using upcycled materials I carefully wash and inspect all materials before they are upcycled.

I am always interested in doing custom work so please contact me and I can work with you to find the perfect fabric in which you love.

Please remember that there will be variations on each unique item that adds to the charm of being handmade

99% Recycled 100% Cool – Really cool